All over the world, people are on the move. Whether pursuing business
opportunities, high-quality education, employment, or a modern lifestyle, people are migrating between cities and countries more than ever. With these increasing levels of migration comes an ever-greater demand for apartments and condominiums with world-class amenities AND property management and listing services to match.

In this rapidly changing globalized world, property listing and management services need to keep pace and evolve to meet their client’s needs. Ziba Property is the next generation of property management and listing app. This is the future of property listings and management for real estate agents, property management, owners, buyers, and renters.

Why Ziba Property?

For expats, digital nomads, international students, and people moving for business or family reasons…when moving to a new city or country, the questions are always the same:

  • Find an apartment or condo right for me? How do I find it?
  • Which websites and agencies to trust? How do I know?
  • Can I contact and communicate with agents and owners?
  • How can I find people living in that country, city, neighborhood, or building and hear their opinions and reviews?

Generally, real estate agents and property managers have many websites, apps, software, and services that try to answer these questions. In fact, too many!

For buyers and renters, answering these questions usually requires hours of research. The first step is finding a property, which means checking many websites and contacting agents by email or phone. Different countries have different property listing sites, so getting acquainted with the local property market takes time. This can be particularly taxing when the move is sudden or unexpected.

Imagine this situation: you have recently moved to New York with your family. You spent a long time finding an easy-to-use property listings app and searching for your new home. You now have a great apartment in the perfect location for your family. Life is great!

Then, suddenly you need to go to Australia for business. This is unexpected, and you’ll need to go right away. You don’t have time to check many websites and apps like you did when you moved to New York. You want to quickly and easily access property listings no matter where you are. If only the same app worked in New York and Australia…

Hence, this is where Ziba Property comes in. In a nutshell, Ziba Property is an umbrella application offering property listings from around the globe.

Next Level App

Ziba Property is not only a property listing app but can also be used for property management. It features bidirectional communication streams, bringing all property managers, owners, tenants, real estate agents, and related services closer for more accessible, safer, greener, more effective, and quicker interactions.

Of course, for property management, there are various existing software developed by smaller companies and used locally, and some large property management companies have set their own. However, Ziba Property has many more features than any existing software. The most useful feature is the bidirectional interaction in every part of the app except the accounting module. This bidirectional interaction allows not only the management to communicate with owners and tenants (like all of the current apps) but also with owners and tenants to communicate with management and local service providers.

So, imagine you have just moved from New York to Australia and used the
Ziba Property App to find the perfect Condo. Using the same app, you can keep track of all your rental documents and agreements in the document directory. There is no need to go to the agent’s office to drop off forms and documents – simply ping them through the app. You can also communicate with the real estate agents and property management service with direct messaging.

Useful features

On the app’s dashboard, you will find many useful features to help make a move as smooth as possible and let you enjoy living in your new home. These features include:

  • Service requests
  • Incident reports
  • Document directory
  • Facility booking
  • Announcements
  • Messaging service
  • Calendar and events
  • Notification of parcel delivery
  • Local businesses and services directory
  • Buy–Sell–Wanted page

The service requests and incident reports make dealing with those annoying problems, like a broken lift or leaking taps, so much simpler. The resident communicates with the property management directly through the app and can track the progress.

Another useful feature for new residents is the local business and services directory. Finding reputable businesses can be hard when you first move to a new location. Here, local businesses add information about their services, and residents can see ratings and reviews from other users. From the best place to get a coffee to the best pest control service – it’s all here!

Benefits for Real Estate Agents, Property Owners and Property Manager

Undoubtedly, the benefits to prospective buyers and renters should be clear. But what are the benefits to real estate agents, property owners, and property managers?

In addition, the main feature that makes Ziba Property stand out is bidirectional communication. This means that all parties can communicate freely through a single platform no matter where they are in the world. The single customized interface can also be used to manage multiple properties and even properties in different locations.

In the document directory, you can not only securely store forms, contracts, and agreements. No need to search through old emails to find a document – everything is there in one place! Receive notifications, send announcements, review requests… almost every part of the administrative process can be performed through a single app on your phone.

In an ever more globalized, connected world, it is clear that Ziba Property is the future of property listing and management app.