Selling properties are incredibly challenging. Read here to learn tips on creating compelling property listings that sell. 

Buyers undergo a multi-step decision process when they browse properties online. As they scroll down on search results, they’re immediately drawn by a captivating house shot. They then click the listing to check the specific details of the property. When a buyer creates an emotional connection with the property after reading the property description, chances are the buyer would contact the property agent to book a tour.

Unfortunately for some agents, the buyer never makes that call. What could have possibly gone wrong?

There are several reasons buyers are not motivated to contact the agent after checking the listing — pixelated or blurry photos, incomplete property descriptions, no price information, or the property agent’s unprofessional bio.

If you want to book more property tours and successfully convert leads, one of the best marketing strategies is to create compelling property listings. This article presents tips for creating professional property listings that immediately attract homebuyers’ attention.

Use high-quality photos

two black suede armchairs during daytime

Your listing photos are usually clickbait to your post. Since it’s the appetizer of your home story, your photos should be of high quality. 

Many smartphone cameras, such as the iPhone Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy, can now take quality photos. They not only have wide lenses and large sensors to capture more vivid images of the property but also are highly convenient.

However, despite smartphones becoming more photographically capable than ever, they may not be able to capture all the great features of your home. If you want high-definition photos, buying a digital camera, such as a DSLR, is a great investment for your real estate photography. 

Digital cameras are designed with a full-frame sensor, which captures more light in your home space. The results are brighter and professional-looking photos that highlight the unique features of your property, which are usually not captured on cellphone cameras. If you’re currently short on budget, a great solution is to buy attachable lenses for your smartphone cameras.

Know the right angles to use for real estate photos

Aside from choosing the right camera, you should also know the right angles to use for your real estate photos. If you’re not a pro photographer, here are some of our tips:

  • Create a standard shot list for each property, so that you would know what to cover.
  • Important areas to photograph for your listing include the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, backyard, and the entire front of the home.
  • Make sure to declutter the home space before taking the photos.
  • Reorganize furniture to make the photos more appealing.
  • When you experiment for different angles, keep the camera straight to avoid distortion. You may use a tripod to make sure that the shot is perfectly flat.
  • Maximize the use of natural light whenever possible to make the photo more realistic. If you have the tools, bring led panels and reflectors to enhance the effect of natural light. This will highlight important details like metal or wooden elements of furniture.
  • Turn all the lights on to add some warmth and coziness to your photos. You may also adjust the photo’s color temperature using photo editing apps, such as MyZesty.
  • Use camera flashes to take professional images with improved and even lighting. 
  • Take wide-angle shots of each bedroom, the kitchen, and the living room. Your photo must capture both the ceiling and the floor equally. 
white wooden coffee table near white sofa
  • As much as possible, do not take a photo from the corner to avoid distortion. If you must shoot from a corner, don’t get too close to the wall so the walls don’t look distorted.
living room interior
  • Take medium shots to complement your wide-angle photos. For medium-shots, focus on the property’s amenities, such as a Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, to highlight valuable features that may have been overlooked in wide-angle photos.
white ceramic bowl on black table


If you don’t trust your photography skills, your best option is to hire a professional. After all, you don’t want property seekers to skip your listing just because of amateur-looking photos.

Property listing apps allow you to upload images of your property. For example, the Ziba Property app, both a property listing and property management app, enables you to upload up to 40 high quality images when you post your property on its website and app. Make sure to maximize each photo for greater value.

Highlight the unique features of the property

Your listing description must include something other than the apparent details of the property, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Property listing apps, such as Ziba Property, will enable you to specify the property type, furnishing, unit details, available facilities, and amenities on designated fields. 

Rather than repeating the primary features, your description should encourage your buyer to contact you and book a property tour. This is your chance to create an emotional connection between the property and the homebuyer and tell them why the property might be their dream home. 

When writing your property description, use the following tips for more compelling real estate copy:

Tip 1: Be accurate

  • Make sure to describe your property listing as accurately as possible to not mislead buyers. For example, if the condo unit measures 30 square meters, describing it as “extremely spacious” may not be accurate.

Instead of writing this way,

This nearly perfect house will amaze you with its modern interior design.

Write this way,

This single-owner home has recently been updated with large new windows, stainless appliances, and an open-concept kitchen.

Tip 2: Tell a story

  • Your listing should not only present the features of the property. It must also creatively paint a story. Your description is your chance to let your prospective buyers know how the property will benefit them or their families. Here is an example:

Instead of writing this way,

With nice yard, tons of natural light, great size for family and lots of rooms to grow

Write this way,

This move-in ready home sits on a large lot with luscious foliage. The large windows allow a lot of natural light into the living and dining rooms. With a 300-square meter living space, there’s plenty of room for your family to entertain guests or play games.  

Tip 3: Think local

  • When listing your property, include the unique and exciting details about the neighborhood or the town, such as nearby attractions, commercial establishments, and entertainment hubs.

Instead of writing this way,

This property is located at South Street, Mayfair, near Park Lane and Grosvenor Square. It has two stories and a 600-square-meter land area.

Write this way,

This new stunning serviced apartment sits at the largest township in Subang Jaya. As part of the premium residences of Tropicana Metropark, this property offers a wide range of amenities, lifestyle, and culture. From the property, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the vibrant urban landscape of Subang Jaya. Since Tropicana Metropark is a self-sustaining township, you never have to worry about your family’s lifestyle needs. Located within the township are multiple educational, medical, and commercial facilities. You can also enjoy scenic walks or fun recreational activities with your family in the township’s 9.2-acre Urban Park. The township also features direct access to the Federal Highway. With the property’s prime address, you can enjoy the proximity of Subang Jaya’s finest restaurants, business centers and entertainment hubs.

Tip 4: Use a Call-to-Action

  • Encourage your buyers to contact you by telling them what to do next. You can also convey a sense of urgency at the end of your property description. Consider using the following phrases:

This deal won’t last forever! Call ___ NOW

Book a tour by clicking the ___

Send an email to ___ 

The Ziba Property app provides enough space to write detailed descriptions on the “Details of Property” field. Your buyers will also have the option to call you, send you an email, and even write a comment on your property listing page.

Include a price guide in your listing

Price is an important factor — and sometimes a deal-breaker — in searching for a property. Some agents and sellers choose not to disclose the prices of their property, especially when no price has been decided yet or when prices fluctuate frequently. 

However, indicating a POA (price on application) in your listing doesn’t always work. For one, some buyers might feel intimidated to contact the agent and inquire about the property without knowing the price beforehand. If you’re listing your property online, the best way to make it noticeable is to provide a price guide.

There are benefits in providing a price guide in your listing. First, it provides transparency to your buyers. It also conveys a positive projection and helps buyers understand the market value of the property. When buyers think that a property is a good deal, they will more likely contact the real estate agent.

The Ziba Property app enables you to provide a price guide for your property listing. 

Update your agent profile

No one wants to do business with an anonymous agent who doesn’t have a photo on their profile. Before you list your properties, make sure to update and customize your agent profile. You must also write a professional bio that will convey your personal branding and get you noticed by property seekers.

To write a professional bio, consider the following tips:

  • Provide details of your real estate experience and expertise.
  • Include any real estate special designations that you may have, e.g., Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB)
  • Provide statistics of previous sales (if applicable).
  • Add any awards you’ve won.
  • Highlight the value you provide to your clients.
  • Write a unique story or personal information about yourself. 

When updating your agent profile, make sure to provide your active contact information, such as your mobile phone number and email address. Having a high-quality photo of yourself wearing business attire on your bio will also communicate your work ethics and professional behavior to potential buyers.


Selling a property is extremely challenging. It requires considerable time, effort, and strategies to make your property listing noticeable when buyers search online. While you can always leverage your social media accounts, having an appealing property listing is a great sales strategy that you need to maximize. 

When listing a residence on property management apps, always remember that first impressions matter. To make your property listings noticeable, here’s a recap of our four tips:

  1. Use high-quality photos.
  2. Highlight the unique features of the property.
  3. Update your agent profile.
  4. Include a price guide in your listing.

Have you listed your properties online? The Ziba Property app is a new property management platform that allows you to list your properties and connect with potential buyers, owners, and tenants. You can download it on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free! Check here for more information.