In this article, we will share some tips on how to prepare your home for the rainy season and redecorate ideas to brighten your home.

Gloomy indoors. Leaking roofs. Overflowing gutters. These are just some of the problems we face during the monsoon season. While the rainy days bring fun stuff that summer lacks, such as the playful rain, the cool breeze of the monsoon winds, and moist surroundings, the heavy downpour can also cause damage to our homes. Before the rainy days come in full swing, it is important to prepare and redecorate your home to prevent annoying hassles caused by sudden thunderstorms, strong winds, and torrential rains. As we switch seasons, let’s welcome the rainy days with a sunnier disposition.

Inspect Roofs

We all hate leaking roofs. The water that drips from the ceiling can run along the walls and floor, which may leave molds and foul odor. To prevent this from happening, always make sure to check your roof even before the rainy season comes. 

When you notice water stains extending across ceilings or running down your walls, chances are you need to check your roof for any damages. Before the weather worsens, inspect your roof for any holes, cracks, or warped shingles that may allow rainwater to leak into your home. Better yet, have a professional roofer check the condition of your roof and repair any damaged, cracked, or worn shingles, metals, or sealants.

You should also ask your roofer about the remaining lifespan of your roof to see if it needs immediate replacement.

Clean walkways and drainage

Clogged garbage in your drainage system could lead to flooding. Since monsoon often comes with torrential rains and storms, you should check your drainage beforehand to see if water can flow freely. Make sure to regularly clean your drainage or walkways if there are clogged wastes in your drainage or walkways. You can also seek help from a professional handyman to address this problem.

If your home is located in a flood-prone area, your drainage system will require constant maintenance so that the mud and dirt that are washed into your pipes will not cause clogging. If mud and dirt are left to dry and build up in your drainage, this will cause serious problems in the future and even cost you expensive repair and pipe replacement.

Check doors and windows

Broken windows and doors can also become entry points for rainwater during the rainy season. Air and water can leak into closed windows and doors from gaps and broken frames. This is why you should regularly check your windows and doors to see if they can be opened and closed properly. This will prevent any air or water to seep in during stormy weather. You could also check for deteriorating caulks (the material used to seal your windows’ joints and seams), cracked glass, broken locks and latches, and closures that don’t fully close. If you suspect any damages, you may contact a handyman within your community to give you professional assistance.

Clean gutter and downspouts

Rain gutters and downspouts protect your home’s roof and walls from water damage. This is why regular cleaning your gutters and downspouts is important, especially before a strong downpour comes. Clogged and damaged gutters can spill water directly onto your roof and destroy your wall’s paint. To prevent this from happening, make sure to remove clogged twigs and leaves, seal holes, and replace broken parts of the gutter. You should also unclog your downspouts from debris and check for any damages which could cause leakage or water backing up to your roof during heavy rains.

Check the trees and plants around your home

During heavy rains and thunderstorms, fallen plants, trees and branches may damage your home severely. Heavy rains often generate strong winds that can bring down debris and leaves to your drainage, gutters and downspouts. To avoid severe home damage, you should trim the plants and trees around your home and maintain a clean landscape. Cleaning your back and front yards from fallen leaves and branches is also necessary. 

Redecorate your home

Redecorating your home for the rainy season can be relatively inexpensive. While it may not be necessary sometimes, giving your interiors a new look will keep your home lively despite the cold and gloomy weather outside.

Here are some tips to give your indoors a fresh ambiance during the rainy season.

Repaint your walls

You may repaint your interior walls to brighten up the inside of your home. If you plan to paint indoors while it’s raining outside, always use some caution. Make sure that the surface you’re going to paint is completely dry. The moisture on wet surfaces prevents the paint from completely adhering to the surface. If your ceiling is leaking or air and water seep through your walls, you may want to refrain from painting since these can create cracks and peels.

Once you’ve made sure that the room and surface you want to repaint are completely dry and have a conducive temperature for painting (usually not below 10 °C), it’s time to take action. Here are some of our recommended colors that can liven up your home during the wet season:

  • Turquoise

The turquoise color reminds us of the ocean that meets the beach’s white sands during summer. When it comes to home design, this color can bring a rich, lively and playful vibe to the room. Since turquoise is both a warm and cool color, it is highly versatile. Depending on how you want to use it, it can add a bold or soft ambiance to your interiors. 

You can use a soothing pale turquoise to repaint your dining room and kitchen to evoke an image of a gently waving sea while dining with family. Painting your bathroom with turquoise will also give it a warm, modern and cool aesthetic. This color will also remind you of the summer seas of Lombok, Maldives or Boracay when taking a bath.

  • Yellow 

When it’s raining outside for days or weeks, skies are usually overcast, preventing our bodies from basking in the sunlight. This is why we usually feel sleepy during rainy days. The earthy smell of the rain further intensifies the urge to go back to bed, thus affecting our productivity. Painting your home interiors with warm colors, such as yellow, will help you combat your drowsiness and brighten your day. Yellow is a warm color that conveys happiness, freshness, positivity and energy. This is why it’s a great color to paint your living room and kitchen. Adding a blend of orange to your yellow walls will give your room a unique ambiance that can energize you and your family.

  • Green

Though green is considered a calm tone, a green-themed room can bring balance, stability and energy to a dull room. Green is often associated with nature. This is why it gives a fresh and harmonious vibe to any room. If you’re living in a highly urbanized area where you don’t normally see luscious foliage, adding a green hue to your interiors will give your room a lively and natural ambiance reminiscent of home gardens and outdoor parks. Working with different shades of green will give your room a playful and exciting effect. This color is great for your bedroom, home office and library.

Rearrange your furniture

Aside from repainting your walls, you can also rearrange your furniture to give your home a new makeover. This is a low-cost and fun decorating technique. You can simply move your chairs, sofas, cabinets and other furniture to other areas in the room and tilt them at different angles. You can even switch up furniture from different rooms or search your basement for art pieces and accessories that you can use. It is also important to check your fixtures and replace outdated lighting and plumbing fixtures before the rainy season starts.

Preparing your home for the rainy season doesn’t have to be a hassle. Having a professional who will help you repair and redecorate your home will save you precious time and effort. To find such business services in your community, you can sign up for apps like Ziba Property, where you can search or list business services for free. 

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The rainy season can bring about a lot of devastating calamities, such as floods and long power outages. Strong winds and heavy rains can also damage some parts of your home, such as windows, doors and roofs. Preparing your home even before the monsoon season settles in is important to prevent indoor flooding and leaks. To make sure your home is ready for torrential downpours, here are some of our tips:

  1. Inspect roofs
  2. Clean walkways and drainage
  3. Check doors and windows
  4. Clean gutter and downspouts
  5. Check the trees and plants around your home

You can also redecorate your home to make your indoors more lively and fun despite the gloomy weather outside. Here are our tips:

  1. Repaint your walls
  2. Rearrange your furniture

Do you have other tips to prepare your home for the rainy days? Share your ideas in our comment section!