Limited space in home or condo? No problem! We’ve rounded up 3 most practical tips to help you to maximize your condo space.

Condo living offers a lot of perks—lifestyle flexibility and all the advantages of living in a progressive city. Condos are also more affordable than single-family houses, with cheaper insurance. However, despite the convenience, condos have minimal space. While big condo units can have a floor space of 200 sqm, some only have 50 sqm or lower.

If you’re low on square footage, but still want to fit all your furniture arrangements without cramping your condo unit, it’s time to get creative! Here are three practical tips to maximize your condo space:

1. Choose your color palette carefully

Bright colors can make a small room appear bigger. White is the most common choice. It’s understandable why: white reflects light, making a room look more open, clean, and spacious. 

But some interior designers are now making a case for darker tones. When done properly, deep colors can create an illusion of depth and camouflage the room’s actual size. Here are some recommended colors:

Living room: If you love entertaining guests in your condo, bright colors can make the room look bigger and more inviting. You can go with a light, soft green color to add a cozy ambiance, while still reflecting light. If you don’t like stark white walls, you can opt for muted gray, cream, ivory, butter, or soft yellow. If you must paint your walls white, you can add green, pink, or blue touches to give the room more personality. 

Bedroom: If you’re living alone in a huge city, your bedroom will probably be the single most important room in your condo. Painting your bedroom walls with soft pink color can add a flattering light to your room without overpowering it. If an all-pink palette is too frilly for your taste, you can add black or gray accents. Neutral colors can blend your walls into the background, making your room look more spacious. Other colors that can lighten your bedroom are sky blue, off-white, tan, or mint green. If you want bolder tones, peacock blue can make your room look vibrant and relaxing.

Dining and kitchen: If you love cooking and want to show off your culinary skills to your visitors, painting your kitchen walls with cool white, beach color palettes, or warm earth tones can lend warmth and an illusion of space to your dining and kitchen areas. 

Pro tip: When choosing your condo’s color palette, always make sure to tie all the colors in your kitchen, dining, living room, and bedroom. Limit the principal shades to two or three colors so you do not overwhelm the room. 

2. Install multipurpose furniture

When you’re living in a 20 sqm condo, multipurpose furniture is your friend. As the tiny house movement becomes the trend in big cities, so does multipurpose furniture. Multipurpose furniture is a transformable piece that can help maximize your small condo space.

Here are some of our highly recommended pieces:

Loft beds with closet or workspace underneath

A bed with enough space underneath to store your clothes, shoes, and other personal items can give your bedroom more space. If you’re working from home, you can set up your home office underneath your loft bed. After work, you can just easily climb into your bed for a nap.

Convertible beds

A convertible bed is a great space saver, especially if you live in an open concept condo. With very limited space, you can easily turn your bedroom into a receiving room during the day. You can use your convertible sofa as a bed at night and as a couch when friends come over. 

Storage ottoman

An ottoman is a type of chair with no arms or backrest. A storage ottoman can be a low couch or small cushioned seat that also functions as storage for some of your items. This versatile furniture can save so much space and avoid clutter in your living room. 

Multifunctional tables

Multifunctional tables can be used as a coffee table, magazine rack, bookshelf, and even as a stool. Some tables are designed so that you can hook them onto bigger tables and use them as a cubby or file folder.

Pro tip: If you have a breakfast island in your kitchen and you’re not fond of hosting dinner parties in your condo, you can do away with a dining table. Your kitchen island can function as your table for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you must have a dining table, removing the kitchen island will give you more space. Lastly, refrain from buying furniture as much as possible. 

3. Make use of your vertical space

For small areas, maximizing vertical spaces is the way to go. This means using your walls for storage, decoration, or both to free up more space in your condo. 

Here are some recommendations:

Wall-mounted rack

If you have a lot of kitchenware and have no room for a spacious cupboard, you can turn your wall into a kitchen wall rack where you can store your cookware. You can also build wall racks in your bedroom where you can hang your bags, photographs, and accessories.

Hanging bookshelves

You can install hanging bookshelves and mounting racks above your bed or above the doors to save floor space. You can place your photographs, decorative items, and books on these hanging shelves.

Wall-mounted cabinets and vertical shelves

If you don’t have enough space for a huge wardrobe, a wall-mounted cabinet is a great option. You can install a cabinet on both sides of your bed to keep your clothes. You can also place vertical shelves in your living room and use baskets, lidded boxes, or bins to avoid clutter.

Pro tip: If you’re going to install vertical shelves or hanging cabinets, always keep in mind that the more shallow the shelves, the better the traffic flow of your space.

Bottom Line

You don’t need to spend so much money to make your condo look more spacious. By being strategic, creative, and multifunctional, you can easily turn your 20-or-so-square-meter condo into a stylish and roomy home.

Here are the three practical tips to maximize your condo space:

  1. Choose your color palette carefully
  2. Install multipurpose furniture
  3. Make use of vertical space

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